248 reptiles

Passion & Dedication

About us


We are Jack & Lotte, we created 248reptiles when we took the step towards breeding.
Before we took that step, we spent months of extensive research towards the species we want to work with and we still do. As we say research never stops, there is always something new to learn or improve upon!
Currently we are working with Python regius (ball python) & Eublepharis macularius (leopard gecko), though there are many more species we hope to be working with in the future!

But who are behind 248reptiles?
I (Jack) kind of pulled her into this hobby, I myself have been reptile crazy since I was young. From the moment I could "walk of the leash" in the shopping area in the city I grew up in, I always went to the pet-store.
Back then the pet store had a pretty big reptile & aquarium area, I used to sneak away and go there to just watch the animals behave.
Eventually I could from occasion help out, sadly my mother is scared of reptiles (still is...) so I was never allowed one.
I did love and had animals though, from birds to hamsters! But also a nice aquarium where I managed to be intrigued by the guppys (Poecilia reticulata). Eventually I bred quite a bunch of them and started some selective breeding, this is what sparked the breeding fire in me.

From the first time I had to choose what school I would go to to learn a certain "profession" or direction it has been breeding animal related, not for the money, but for the fact animals give so much pleasure and joy that I wanted to be able to provide that for people, make them happy.
This is still one of our driving forces to make people happy with the animals we keep and breed.

That is where the basis for 248 reptiles began and the fire for reptiles always burning inside.